All About Us

This is Greater London Radio and I'm sure you will have noticed by now we are NOT the BBC.

1988–2000: Greater London Radio (GLR) It was 30 years ago this year that GLR 

launched onto the London airwaves.

It was spontaneous, it was chaotic, it was anarchic at best, and it boasted the likes of DJ's Chris Evans, Danny Baker, Janice Long, Kevin Greening, Chris Morris,, Jeremy Nicholas,  Bob Harris, Margaret Jones aka Ranking Miss P and Amy Lamé. GLR was radically different in style promising the best music mix performed by a host of celebrities and stars.

GLR was well known for its diverse mix of music and speech programming, including a variety of programs for black, asian and gay audiences.

GLR had a tiny marketing budget of £5,000, budget per year compared with Capital's £1 million pound budget and LBC £2 million pound budget.


Chris Evans said at a radio Academy bash that Greater London Radio "It's not a revolution, it's just a Saturday morning radio show,'" "But it turned out that it was just that."

GLR music policy gained a cult following, particularly among its younger adult listeners. One of its noted DJs on-air at the time was Gary Crowley, who had a weekend show which regularly showcased new and unsigned bands, 

In 1999, following a consultation the BBC decided to rebrand GLR. And a campaign to "Save GLR" was organised, although the campaign was unsuccessful in saving GLR, The campaign demonstrated the existence of a loyal audience for GLR's music format,


In 2000 the BBC pulled the plug on GLR and the rebranding went ahead and GLR was rebranded to BBC London Live and the London radio revolution sadly ended.

In 2017 Sean Thomas Arthur Rafferty acquired the GLR brand and Greater London Radio has been relaunched focusing on music for the younger adult listeners, which means more new, young and diverse audiences can now enjoy Greater London Radio (GLR).